Terms And Conditions

General Information
For all your orders in the context of WeCreate.cloud and all subdomains (Web Stores) StratusCreatuve, LLC, is your contracting partner. All services from StratusCreative to the customer are carried out based on the general terms and conditions given below. These underlie all offers and agreements between StratusCreative and the customer and are accepted for the duration of the whole business relationship. Opposing or deviating conditions of the buyer are only binding if StratusCreative has agreed to them in writing.

Standard Terms
1. The products contained on the website, in StratusCreative Shops, and in affiliated Web Stores represent a non-binding invitation for the customer to place an order with StratusCreative.

2. By checking out and sending payment on the internet, the customer makes a binding transaction for a contract of sale or, as the case may be, a contract for work and materials. StratusCreative sends an order confirmation via e-mail to the customer. The order confirmation represents an acceptance of the transaction, but can later be retracted by StratusCreative. The contract is only accepted when StratusCreative approves the ordered product, and notifies the customer of this.

3. StratusCreative reserves the right to reject any received orders for any reason with notice to the customer.

4. The contract ends with the complete delivery to the customer supplied address through StratusCreative's shipment provider. If there is an interruption of delivery, and StratusCreative fails to cover a congruent substitute transaction in a business reasonable timeframe, the customer shall be informed immediately about the non-availability of the service. If the case of the customer having already paid, then the funds paid shall be refunded.

Delivery / Shipment
1. The product will be shipped within the specified time depending on the product or services ordered. In most cases, printed goods are shipped within two-five working days. Delivery times will vary between locations.

Within United States
Typical, delivery times are three-five working days from print production completion, but can take up to two-three weeks in certain circumstances and with certain special order. If you have not received your order within the agreed upon time, please contact us directly.
Orders outside United States can take two-five weeks to arrive. Some countries may charge additional Tax upon products arriving to shore. StratusCreative accepts no responsibility for this, and any additional cost must be covered by the customer. As the majority of our web orders are small in size and dollar amount, we believe this should not be a common occurrence. If you have any further concerns, please contact your countries Customs Department.
2. Delivery shall be conducted by a shipment service provider chosen by StratusCreative or selected specifically by customer if option is available. The customer has to pay standard shipping costs which may depend on order value, and where the order is shipped to.

All prices listed on WeCreate.cloud and all subdomains (Web Stores) are in United States Dollars. For up-to-date currency exchange rates, please visit xe.com. Any refunds will also be made in United States dollars, regardless of varying exchange rates.

1. All of our credit card transactions are processed through Paypal in a secure payment gateway. StratusCreative does not receive or keep any records of credit card details.

2. All payments must be made immediately. StratusCreative will never dispatch an order before payment has cleared.

Copyrights to Print Designs, Release from Liability
1. If the customer uploads their own design or influences the product in any other way, the customer assures StratusCreative that text and design are free from any third-party rights. The costs for possible infringements of copyright, personal rights or naming rights are to be born completely by the customer, in this case. The customer also assures that by individualization of the product he does not infringe upon any other third-party rights.

2. The customer releases StratusCreative from all demands and claims which are made due to the infringement of such third-party rights, as far as the customer is responsible for the breach of duty. The customer shall promptly reimburse StratusCreative for all defense costs and other damages resulting from any such action.

3. In the case of Web Stores, any design uploaded by the store owner remains property of the store owner. By uploading a design, the store owner is giving StratusCreative rights only to print the design upon request and payment of either the store owner or another paying customer. StratusCreative promise never to use an uploaded design for any other purpose than printing or the promoting of the design through the StratusCreative Shop and related Web Store.

Data Protection
StratusCreative uses personal data of the customer for appropriate purposes and according to statutory regulations. The personal data given (i.e. name, e-mail address, mailing address, bank details) for ordering products are used by StratusCreative for fulfillment and handling of the contract. This data is treated confidentially by StratusCreative and is not given to any third parties who are not part of the ordering, delivery and payment procedures. The customer shall be entitled to access information on the personal data which StratusCreative has saved about them free of charge. Moreover, they are entitled to the correction of incorrect data, and the blocking and deletion of their personal data, insofar as there is no legal obligation to retain such data.

Right To Refuse Sale
StratusCreative reserves the right to refuse the sale of any content they deem inappropriate. This includes, but is not limited to material of the following nature: Racist, Pornographic, Satanic, Abusive, Slanderous, Gang-related or Sadistic.